Hydraulic & Marine Structural

Historically, geobag has been used to contain sandy soils to permit their use as flexible, erosion resistance, mass gravity structures in hydraulic and marine applications.

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Dewatering & Decontamination

More recently, geobag has been used of disposing and dewatering various waste streams and contaminated sediments.

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House in front of sea beach face severe erosion, groynes and offshore breakwaters are needed to protect precious properties.

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The GDT test on-site was to evaluate the dewatering process with recommended chemical conditions, to analyze the efuent quality, and to predict solid concentration over time.

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MDS dewatering system, especially designed for municipal waste stream. It is widely used in which dewatering spaces are limited.

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Golden mine sludge has very fine particle solids, in order to capture these solids effectively, we always use two layers geo tubes with nonwoven geotextile inside and woven geotextile outside.