GTVC Calculation

The geometry of geotextile tube is very important. For exsample, you need ‘geotextile tube seawall’ to protect shoreline from eronsion, knowing maximun filling height of geotextile tube is necessary to compelte the project safely and sucessfully, because you don’t want pump to working constantly exceed max height and see it’s possible failian. Another scenes, you are going to dewatering industry processing slurry stored in sediment pond, that will be great if you know geotextile tube can hold sludge volume finally, also geotube width and height. ALL THESE PARAMETERS ARE GTVC DOING!

geotube software


You have certain sludge volume, how many geotextile tubes do I need? Can I tailor the size of geotextile tube to fit my available dewatering space? YES, YOU CAN!

geotube drawing


You definitely need a drawing, to check all details of geotextile tube, imaging your filling pipe is 6”, and the inlets in our geotextile tube is 10cm. We must make this never happen!

Production Estimator

Delivery is always important! Proper geotextile inventory is necessary for a delivery can take place with immediate effect in order that customers receive what they want precisely when they want.

Production delivery estimator is used to predict or estimate when a geotextile tube will be delivered to the customer or when a production order will be completed. This is a crucial aspect of supply chain management and production planning, as it helps Boatup meets customers expectations, optimize inventory levels, and ensure efficient use of resources. 

Production Delivery Estimator


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