Hydraulic Structural

Geobags, commonly known as geotextile tubes, are used in hydraulic structures for various applications, primarily for shoreline protection, revetment, erosion control, and flood control. These tubes are made from permeable geotextile materials that allow water to escape while retaining solids. They resist ultraviolet, environment rotting, and biological degradation. And inert to most naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis, and acids.


Geobag often filled with sand slurry for used as revetment structures. They are used for both submerged and exposed revetments. For submerged revetments the geobag is always covered by local soil. For exposed revetments, the geobag is exposed throughout it’s design life.

To prevent erosion of the foundation, the geobag is always to install a scour apron, which is anchored by a small geobag, we call it ‘anchor tube’. Revetments are also constructed using multiple geobags and stacked over to reach the required design heights. 

geotube breakwaters
Offshore Breakwaters

Geobags are used for offshore breakwaters to prevent the erosion behind shoreline developments. The geobag is located at a certain distance from offshore in order to weak or eliminate wave energy before they can reach the shoreline. Scour apron is recommended to install beneath geobag to ensure that local erosion not undermine the geobag breakwater structure.

In many cases the geobag is left exposed, which consequently affects its design life. If you have additional techniques or treatments on this matter, we are welcome for your idea!

Protection Dykes

Geobags are used as protection dykes, where they prevent flood and storm damage to valuable structures. They can also used for river, lake works. When geobag protection dykes are constructed, always it is covered by local soil. Thereby ensuring no damage caused by activities and long term sunlight exposure.

Once geobags are used for river or lake works, they are always leaved by exposed except for major structures, where rock armour layers may be placed over it to dissipate hydraulic forces. 


Geobags are increasingly used as groynes in coastal engineering projects to control erosion and stabilize beaches. Groynes are structures built from the shore into the water, designed to interrupt water flow and limit the movement of sediment. In most cases the geobags are left exposed, but coatings or a rock covering or concret matress may be applied, dependiing on the situation and required life span.


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