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Hydraulic Structure & Environmental Remediation

At Boatup, our journey began in 2015 with a vision to create a positive impact on our planet’s shorelines and ecosystems. Founded by a team of dedicated environmental enthusiasts, Boatup set sail on a mission to provide unparalleled quality and service in the realm of geotextile tubes.

Our Mission: Anchored in Excellence

Our compass is guided by a simple yet powerful mission: to deliver the highest quality geotextile tubes and services to our valued customers. We recognize the urgent need for effective erosion control and environmental remediation, and we’ve pledged to be at the forefront of this battle.

Join us as we sail into a horizon where erosion is controlled, waste is restored, and shorelines thrive. Boatup-steering towards a world where nature and innovation coexist in perfect harmony.

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At Boatup, we don’t just talk about quality and service-we live and breathe them.

We uphold the highest standards in the design, manufacturing, and delivery of our geotextile tube solutions. Our customers aren’t just clients – they’re partners on a vital journey towards sustainability.

We rely on our valued customers, and commit to deliver the highest quality of  geotextile tubes and services.

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We act fairly, honestly and consistently in what we say and do and we speak out when necessary.
We respect and consider the views of others and treat as we would want to be treated.
We work together and learn from each other to achieve our goals. In the purpose of providing best products we have.
Our Happy Clients
"Hi We thank you very much for your excellent geotextile tubes, in time delivery and service. We’d like to work with you as always!"
United Watertreatment
"We have a lot of sludges every year, use Boatup Tubes, it becomes much easier, most important the cost is so good comparing to big equipments."
DMB Expert
"Boatup is not only a reliable supplier, but also an excellent partner. We are so lucky find the right one in geo tubes industry."
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Whether you’re interested in any types of geotextile tube, we’re here to your service.